Afro Bob Trendy Hairstyles You Will Love

Afro bob hairstyles are popular and never fade in today’s hair trends, stylish choice to inspire individuals with natural hair. They combine the classic bob haircut with the natural texture and volume of afro-textured hair, creating a chic and contemporary look. Here are a few examples of afro bob hairstyles and how to to achieve each of them:

Bob Hairstyles That May Inspire Your Next Look

  1. Tapered Afro Bob: This style features a shorter length at the back and gradually increases in volume towards the front. It can be worn with or without bangs and offers a stylish and versatile option.
  1. Curly Afro Bob: Embracing the natural curl pattern of your hair, this style adds bounce and volume to a traditional bob. It is achieved by cutting the hair into a bob shape and allowing the curls to form freely.

  1. Layered Afro Bob: Layers can be added to an afro bob to create dimension and movement. This style works well for those who want to add texture and shape to their hair.
  2. Colored Afro Bob: Adding color to your afro bob can provide a unique and bold look. Whether you opt for highlights, ombre, or a full color change, it can enhance the overall style and make a statement.
  3. Side-Swept Afro Bob: This style involves parting the hair to the side and sweeping it across the forehead, creating a sleek and asymmetrical look. It can be achieved with a deep side part or by pinning one side of the bob back.
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Much as Yara Shahidi’s blunt bob accentuated her angular face, she still looked great with the hair cut. The length hits right at the chin and is paired with side bangs. To recreate this, have your stylist cut your hair dry to get the shape just right.

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Defined Twist Out

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CutAfrik Afro
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cutting your own hair yourself could be the last thing on your mind. I would never recommend cutting your own hair the first time but you could start with a cheap weave or wig. There are situations when you simply don’t have the money to get your hair cut at the salon and, sometimes you may better understand what you want exactly than the salon guy or lady. Take pleasure in your appearance by being more creative. You can still do the job yourself starting from a weave or wig, very carefully at home.

Learn how you can create a cute graduated bob and add taste to your hairstyle, whether on your own Afro hair, weave or wig. Practice makes perfect! Watch video below.

Note: I mentioned in the video that I installed ”a weave” but actually it was something like this image below, crotchet braids. Am sorry I have no idea why I said ”a weave.” It was ”crotchet braids” that I split, cut into smaller pieces and then installed into my cornrows. So the cut in this video is on crotchet braids.

Click image if you would like to find out more about this crotchet braid

Check out trendy Tapered/Pixie cuts by clicking this link!

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