Trendy Afro Short Hairstyles in Uganda 2021

Short hairstyles in Uganda
Wash and go short 4b hair
Wash and go by CutAfrik Afro

The female short hair trend craze keeps pulling the world each year moving from TV personalities, models, musicians to locals. It is one of the favorite hairstyle options today and a great way to rock the trend.

Variety to choose from

You probably want a tapered, a bob or a big chop and you are simply afraid of your appearance thereafter. Below is a selection of catchy photos and videos I made for you of some celebrities and locals who make it and live it. Find your new look!

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Haircut Salons in Uganda - perm rod set short hair
Perm rod set 4c short natural hairstyle by CutAfrik Afro
Crochet tapered Cut
Crochet Tapered Cut by CutAfrk Afro
Crochet Tapered Hairstyles
Crochet Tapered Cut By CutAfrik Afro
Sheebah Karungi with a trendy short perm rod hairstyle on her natural hair
@sheebahricherthisyear and hair by Zziwa Hair Studio. Seems to be perm rod set curls on her natural hair. Check my video below on how I do perm rods on my natural hair.
 Lady with perm rod set hairstyle on natural hair
@Zziwa Hair Studio – Lady with perm rod set hairstyle on natural hair
Natasha Sinabyoye with a trendy colored short natural haircut
@NatashasinabyoyeYou can get this style by finger coiling your short natural hair. Video coming soon!
Bettinah Tianah prefers her natural haircut with a line. her signature look.
@bettinahtianah – Her signature hair look.
Barbie kyagulanyi embraced and is still maintaining her natural short hair
@barbiekyagulanyi – prefers keeping her medium length hair natural. This is what we would call wash and go on type 4 hair. Some times we just don’t need the defined curly pattern. We leave it kinky. Watch video below and see what am talking about.

Straw set hairstyle on natural hair -Uganda
Image source: How to straw set on short natural hair. Video below
Tapered Haircut and Curls Uganda
@gray_ceehairz Tapered Haircut and Curl

Short hairstyles in Africa
@CutAfrik Afro. Watch How I achieved this hairstyle in the video below.
This looks like an old finger coil  on natural hair.
@Zziwa Hair Studio. This looks like an old finger coil on natural hair.
Twist out on dry short natural hair using both Leave In and Eco styler Gel UGANDA
@CutAfrik Afro. Twist out on dry natural hair using both Leave In and Gel. Check Video below
Twist out on dry SHORT natural hair using only Leave In.
Image source: CutAfrik Afro. This is a twist out on dry natural hair using only Leave In. Check Video below
A crochet curly braid hair cut - CutAfrik Afro
@CutAfrikAfro with a crochet curly braid hair cut
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Fille, a female musician in Uganda with a minimal chop hairstyle
Fille – Musician, with a minimal chop on her natural hair .

Click image if you would like to find out more about this crotchet braid
Big chop hairstyle Uganda
@martbarber big chop
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Juliana Kanyomozi with a Bantu knot like Hairstyle.
@julianakanyomozi – Looks great with her Bantu knot like hairstyle.
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