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Which Skin Color Is Better?

Many times we have looked in the mirror and we aren’t just happy with what we see. What can you do to feel better about your complexion? Do you think there is a particular skin color that is better or, what would you use to determine a better skin complexion? I personally love variety. Variety is beautiful, whether Ivory, beige, honey, tan, caramel, bronze, mahogany, chestnut, umber, peaches, and cream, name it.

Just to illustrate, imagine a living room with simply one color, white. That would be so stale (flat), cold.  So to make it warm, cozy, balanced, and more appealing, using more than one shade would be necessary to give it that energy.

White furnished living room
Variety of color to make more appealing

Imagine a variety of fruits in your fridge…how appetizing! What about if you had only oranges in the fridge whole week …, how uninviting! So the same is with human skin tones. Variety is beautiful.

You can’t say an orange is better than an apple, or sweet bananas are better than pineapples. Fruits, from berries to melons to mangoes to bananas, are nutritional powerhouses; they are all good in their respective ways. The same is with human skin shades. We are all beautiful in our respective skin shades.

Why Do Some Bleach?

  • Well, some people in Africa, Parts of Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and others associate a lighter complexion with prosperity and high fashion. Light-skinned women are considered more beautiful, successful, and more likely to get married. As a result a good number of women and men in these places are inclined to use cosmetics that lighten their skin. Quite interesting! I mean, why would I change my skin color because of other people’s definition of beauty? Let’s not judge because we are not in “their” shoes. In contrast, while some dark-skinned people want to lighten their complexion, many fair skinned people go to great lengths to get a deep skin tan.
  • To remove scars and spots so as to get an even skin complexion. I think most of us fall here.

How Harmful Are Bleaching Products?

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Well, when bleaching one’s skin, the goal is to reduce the amount of melanin deposited within the top layers of the skin. Melanin is the product that gives skin the iris of the eye, and hair its dark color. Melanin also acts as a kind of natural sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays from traveling deeper into the skin. It’s a natural barrier to protect from cell damage and us from cancer. Since melanin that is already in the upper layers of the skin is regularly lost when skin naturally sloughs off, the process has to continue, where melanin is formed, transported and deposited into the skin. So there are products that destroy or prevent melanin from being deposited onto the skin and as a result it gets lighter with time, since the existing melanin will be lost but not replaced.

  • So most bleaching products contain two main chemicals, hydroquinone and mercury which are known to be very toxic. For example Mercury can cause skin to go grey or blue black, rather than lighter, and users may suffer from mercury poisoning and cancer.
  • Doctors suggest that the two toxic chemicals, Hydroquinone and mercury, react with ultraviolet rays and in the long run lead to more pigmentation and premature aging. So the lightening effect is just a short term.
  • Creams that contain ingredient Hydroquinone and or Mercury, may cause scars on the skin, irritation, or burning and itchy skin, weaken the skin so much that it cannot be stitched if cut. If the chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream, they may damage kidney, liver or nerves, corneal damage, abnormalities in a newborn baby if used during pregnancy.

Yes the appeal of a lighter complexion may seem irresistible but at what cost when compared to the side effects.

What Can We do to Alter Our Attitude?

  • Association: Association has power to influence your decisions and lifestyle. Surround yourself more with those who do not ask for more than what you are. Not people who lower yourself esteem. You need those who appreciate you.
  • Broader perspective: Look at how bleaching will affect you in the long run. You may look better today but face the consequences in the later, like premature aging, discoloration, and other serious damages
  • Build on skills and qualities that will make you more productive and feel better about yourself. This has been my best experience.
  • Stick to natural skincare products that can even out and tone skin without harsh chemicals. There are reputable companies, organizations like Oriflame that deal in natural result oriented products for skin without changing the color of your skin.
Image result for pics for combination skin
How to care for different skin types!
  • DIY: Do It Yourself. There are a range of natural methods that can treat hyper-pigmentation and revive dull-looking skin. It may take longer and the results are gradual, but promotes overall skin health giving you a natural-looking glow. Exercising, watching what you eat, drinking more water and having a skin care routine can greatly improve the look of your skin.

Now for our friends who Tan Skin, NATURALLY, yes moderate exposure to the sun can be helpful even in the production of vitamin D but extended exposure especially when the sun is high in the sky, can be harmful.

If you have a very problematic skin, then you could visit a dermatologist to get more advice on how to handle the situation.

After all being said what is your take? Will you be content with our skin color? Each of us has a choice to make but at least from an informed state. Otherwise, your opinions and experiences are welcome in the comments section BELOW.


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