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A chunky twist out is generally intended to give a bigger/fuller look. So you have to create bigger sections when twisting to give you that volume. Below are 6 steps and a video that am sharing with you on how to achieve the style. Please don’t forget to leave me a comment below on how you found this post.


  1. Use a water-based moisturizer that works best for you on damp or dry hair.
  2. For a chunky full look I twist bigger sections of two-strand twist or flat twist.
  3. Let your twists air dry probably overnight.
  4. When taking out your twists, first apply oil of your preference to smooth the unraveling process and minimize frizz.
  5. If it is a two-strand twist and not a flat twist, separate carefully without reaching the tip. If you really have to fully divide the twist to fill up some gaps, then divide not more than 2 sections.
  6. When you take out your twists, use a comb to pick hair at the roots gently lifting while shaking without reaching the tip of your hair. This technique will help create volume. If your ends have a tendency of looking stringy, use perm rods or flexi rods which will help to curl your ends.
Chunky twist out short hairstyles in Uganda
Image Source: CutAfrik Afro


To maintain your style, this kind of technique keeps the twisted sections in place so you can easily locate each section, re-twist your hair at night and take it down the next morning or whenever you feel like, with the same technique.

Chunky Twistout on 4c Short Hair – VIDEO

Enjoy your chunky twist out!

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