How to Do a Tapered Cut

Tapered cut

Cutting your own hair yourself could be the last thing ever in your mind. I would never recommend cutting your own hair the first time but you could start with a cheap weave or wig. There are occasions when you simply don’t have the money to get your hair cut at the salon. You can still do the job yourself starting from a weave or wig, very carefully at home. Practice makes perfect! Take pleasure in your appearance by being more creative with different hairstyles. This could save you $ and sometimes you may better understand what you want exactly than the salon guy or lady.

Use hair cutting scissors and not regular kitchen scissors

Tapered Cut
Tapered Cut

Below is a video of one of my experiences of cutting a tapered cut curly hair extension. I hope you find this helpful. I also plan to post more videos of this kind.

Note: I mentioned in the video that I installed ”a weave” but actually it was something like this image below, crotchet braids. Am sorry I have no idea why I said ”a weave.” It was ”crotchet braids” that I split, cut into smaller pieces and then installed into my cornrows. So the cut in this video is on crotchet braids.

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