My Story – 5 Insider Lessons As a Content Creator

I feel somehow I Lost direction when it comes to my original purpose of this channel, my content strategy and I think this is primarily because I kind of started comparing myself with others. You know, it’s usually subtle, you may not easily realize it until you see the consequences. You risk losing sight of your unique voice, message, and goals. Does that happen to you sometimes? You deviate from your original plan and try to emulate or compete with others because you feel inadequate and insecure. It means you’ve stopped believing in yourself. By now you are lost and it’s most likely that your audience is lost too. It’s fortunate if they’re still there hanging with you.

How do we get our way back? How am I getting my way back? well, here are five things that are helping me recenter myself and I hope they make sense to you too.

How Am Fixing It

Be honest with yourself by acknowledging and accepting how you’re feeling

That’s the only way you’re going to actively take steps to help the situation. If you are ill e.g. but don’t accept that you’re ill there is no way you’re going to look for treatment to get better.

Reflect on my original purpose for the channel.

What you stand for and how you had planned to operate. That filters and keeps a good measure of consistency, because my values are clearly defined, I will gain direction, motivation, and a compass to guide me rather than drifting because of sudden temporary emotions from outside influences feeling insecure, and inadequate.

By showcasing what makes you unique, you can stand out and attract a dedicated audience who appreciates your particular style, perspective, or expertise and you will be able to build a strong brand and audience loyalty. This helps not post just to fit in with the crowd or because it’s popular otherwise, you may waste your time and efforts.

Success in content creation isn’t guaranteed simply because someone else has done well with a particular video or type of content. Various factors can influence the performance and reception of content, including audience preferences, quality and execution, audience engagement, and promotion. Of course, it is okay to borrow some ideas from others’ content but listen, and simply align those ideas with your natural abilities and interests. Now that takes us to the next point.


Authentic for me simply means being yourself. Your nature. You speak in an everyday manner. you’re comfortable with who you are. Authentic content genuinely reflects who you are and therefore resonates with audiences and builds trust, loyalty, and engagement. When you are authentic, your emotions and intentions are clearly seen and your listeners can connect with you and understand your true message. you may have very good content but how you deliver it matters and naturalness, and authenticity, play a big role. That’s what makes you unique. That is why you find some people who even don’t have the best camera or even good editing skills doing well. you are afraid to show your authentic self? Just do this. focus your thoughts not on yourself but on the need to help others learn, and benefit from something. Now that takes us to the next point


I think confidence works hand in hand with authenticity. being confident involves so much self-acceptance, so although there is still a certain level that insecurities bother you, these are well-managed. self-confidence is so powerful that even if you say nonsense, people will believe in you. Of course for a short while and neither are we encouraging noises. Confident content creators are often more engaging and compelling, drawing in audiences who share their enthusiasm for the subject matter. Do you want to be confident? Just do this. prepare well. when you are well prepared, have in-depth research, well acquainted with your thing, that conviction will be reflected in your delivery, and your disposition, and therefore you are more likely to convince others and gain their trust. That is confidence. But if you’re not well prepared you going to be anxious, timid, fake and they’ll see it. will they believe you? most likely not. so I either take preparation seriously or just don’t show up. Self-care and self-confidence go hand in hand. Feeling good about your appearance has a significant impact on your overall well-being and will show you believe in your content.

Adaptability and Growth

While it’s important to focus on your strengths, it’s also valuable to recognize areas where you can improve or expand your skills. Like am thinking of sprinkling a bit of make-up and short hair, fashion and short hair, face shapes and short hair, and conducting interviews within the short hair niche to provide insights, tips, and inspiration to my audience while also showcasing the expertise of professionals.  

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