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Photo Credit: CutAfrik Afro

As long as your hair is enough to wrap around a straw it is a perfect style that can last up to about 1 to 2 weeks since the curls are so tight from the straws. To ensure that they last longer, protect at night with a satin scarf or bonnet to retain moisture and the curls. So how exactly do we go about doing a straw set?

Photo Credit: CutAfrik Afro

To create this style you will need:

  1. Drinking straws: The size you need will be determined by your hair length.
  2. Bobby pins: To hold the straws in place.
  3. Cream or Gel: Use what suits your hair type. This will help moisturize and detangle your hair so that it looks lustrous and healthy.
  4. Spray bottle: To keep hair damp
  5. Rattail comb: For parting and sectioning.
  6. Hair clips. To secure and keep hair out of the way giving room to set one section at a time.
  7. Endpapers: These are helpful especially for short hair to ensure that the ends wrap around the straws flat resulting in smoother ends. In my video below, I did not use end papers simply because they were not available at that particular time. But it’s very important to make sure the ends of your hair are detangled enough to minimize frizz.
  8. Scissors are needed if you plan to cut the straws especially for those with short hair.
  9. Hooded dryer or bonnet attachment for a blow dryer. This is to speed up drying time otherwise you may leave it to air-dry overnight. Make sure hair is completely dry before removing the straws.

How to do it

On clean damp hair, use the tail of the rat-tailed comb to part out a section and detangle from end to root. Apply a small amount of cream or gel concentrating on the ends and comb through to make sure the strands are flat. Fold an endpaper vertically over the ends (optional). Wrap the hair around one of the straws rolling up to the scalp. Fasten the rolled hair to the straw with bobby pins inserted through each end of the straw at the top and bottom to secure.
Continue this process until the entire head is set. Allow to air dry overnight or sit under a hooded dryer for fast dry. Make sure hair is completely dry before removing the straws to minimize frizz.

Once hair is completely dry, gently remove the pins and straws. Rub a small amount of oil into the palms of your hands and start separating the curls to fluff your hair closing gaps to achieve fullness. You could pick at the roots to add even more volume.  

Note: Adding a little oil to the hands before separating your hair helps smooth the process hence minimizing frizz. However, I preferred a little bit of frizz on this hairstyle as it is good for a more natural look.



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