Bangs That Will Slim Your Round Face Shape With Photos

the best bangs for round face shapes
Blunt Bob With Bangs - Selenagomez

How do you like it? Bangs that accentuate your round face even more or those that slim your face giving the illusion of an oval face shape?

There is no universally agreed upon “best” face shape, as beauty is a subjective concept that can vary greatly between cultures and individuals. However, an oval face shape has long been considered ideal because of its proportions and balance, which pull off just about any hairstyle and makeup look effortlessly.

This article discusses what a round face shape is and isolates 3 types of bangs that are most suitable for round face shapes. How? Keep reading.

A round face shape is characterized by a rounded hairline and chin, and a wider cheek area. The width and length of the face are roughly the same, giving the face a circular appearance. People with round face shapes often have a softer, more youthful look and may have fewer angles and sharp features compared to those with other face shapes.

For a round face, cheeks are the widest part of your face and then your face tapers down to a narrower chin. Some other features of a round face can include a rounded jawline, a slightly curved forehead, and fullness around the cheeks and temples.

When it comes to hairstyles and makeup, there are certain things that can help to create the illusion of a more defined jawline or a more elongated face, which can be more flattering for a round face shape.

Generally, bangs that make your round face even shorter would not help slim your face. Good choices include those that add volume at the crown, have a side-parted bangs and layers around the face, or are chin-length or longer. Jagged bangs are great for round face shapes.

the best bangs for round face shapes

Lets break this all down to drive the point home.

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Long side swept bangs.

Long side swept bangs are generally the best for round face shapes because they create more length in your face, thus a more oval shape. With a round face shape, we’re trying to get more angles, adding dimension. Angular bangs add a cute bone structure making your cheekbones sacked in. Basically We’re getting rid of the width, making it look more oval.

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modern-curly-bob-haircut-for-curly-girls with side swept bangs
Bangs for round faces
Side swept bangs for round face shapes
curly-bob-haircuts-with side swept bangs
medium-curly-tresses with side swept bangs
Straight side swept bangs for round face shapes
Box braids with side swept bangs for round face shape
Box braids hairstyle for round face shape
Side bangs for round faces

How to cut side swept bangs

The video below demonstrates how to cut side swept bangs on a round face shape

How to style side swept bangs

The video below shows how to style side swept bangs on short hair.

Curtain bottle neck bangs

Curtain bangs are cut shorter in the middle, and gets longer as the bangs get further away from the face. They frame the face on both sides, styled to look like a curtain hanging over the forehead, parted in the middle and falls just above or at the eyebrows, with a slight wave at the ends. “Think of a curtain draping a window,” Celebrity hairstylist Michelle Cleveland says.

For round face shapes, style these curtain bangs to look like bottle neck bangs by creating a shape that is similar to the neck of a bottle. This makes the bang edgy diffusing the chicks on both sides.

shaggy-pixie-bob-with side swept bangs
Curtain Bottle Neck Bangs For Round Faces

Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are cut in a rough, irregular way characterized by a textured, jagged appearance and may be cut at different lengths. Unlike blunt bangs, that cover the forehead with a thick blanket of hair, choppy bangs are all about movement. The textured bangs are edgy, choppy, not too perfect.

Choppy bangs are a great idea for round face shapes because of their jagged tousled effect. They’re messy, not perfect, with texture, creating movement, which, as a result, diffuses the roundness of the face, making it look slimmer.

Bob Haircut With Choppy Bangs For Round Faces
Type4hair-bob-with-bangs for round faces

Choppy Jagged Bangs that could slim a round face shape
Zendaya’s face is not round but this choppy bang is suitable for her (since she has a short face) and round faces
Choppy Bangs For Round Faces
Pixie cut with textured bangs

How to cut choppy bangs at home

The three videos below demonstrate how to cut choppy bangs.


It’s important to keep in mind however, that face shape is not the only factor to consider when choosing a hairstyle, other factors such as hair type, lifestyle, and personal preference should also be taken into account.

Note: If you don’t love reading, you could watch the video below instead, on “Bangs That Will Slim Your Round Face Shape”

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