Bantu Knot Out Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

Bantu Knot Out Hairstyles
Bantu Knot Out Cheat for Natural Hair
Bantu knot out

What is a Bantu Knot Out?

The Bantu knot out is a very popular alternative hairstyle amongst natural hair beauties. Lets start from what a Bantu Knot is. Bantu knots are a protective hairstyle that look like mini twisted buns or donuts. A section of hair is twisted or braided and then wrapped around itself to form a bun. So Bantu knot outs come as a result of taking these buns out. What you get are coils or curly hair.


How to Do a Bantu Knot Out

  • Wash and condition your hair (optional).
  • Detangle hair using a brush or comb.
  • For best results, make sure your hair is damp, not wet or dry.
  • Take the first section and apply oil, cream, mousse or gel to it.
  • Twist or braid then, twist and tightly wrap the hair around itself to form a bun. You can twist and wrap simultaneously (at the same time).
  • If you feel your bun is not tight enough, secure it in place with a pin (bobby pin).
  • Do this technique for all the hair
  • Wrap the Bantu knots in a silk or satin headscarf to retain moisture as it drys.
  • Remove the Bantu knots when you are certain your hair is dry.
  • You now realize Bantu knot out hairstyle with popping coils or curls. You can separate the knots for a fluffier look (optional).
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