#13 Most Trending Short Hairstyles in Uganda

trending short hairstyles in Uganda

When it comes to hair, there’s no doubt that most of us love wearing a hairstyle that looks nice, earns a compliment from onlookers, and is current; no one would like a hairstyle that’s off-fashion and outdated. 

You see this from TV personalities, models, celebrities, etc.

Here’s a quick list of the 13 most trending short hairstyles in Uganda 2023 that are rocking

  1. Wash and go
  2. Short Crochet tapered cut
  3. Short Perm rod set afro hairstyle
  4. Finger coils
  5. Signature Haircut
  6. Medium-length natural haircut
  7. Short straw set hairstyle
  8. Taper curly haircut
  9. Short Twist out hairstyle
  10. Short Crochet curly braids
  11. Minimalist chop natural haircut
  12. Big chop haircut
  13. Bantu knot

Join us as we unravel the allure of Trendy Afro short hairstyles in Uganda in 2023.

Wash and go Short Afro Hairstyle

As the name implies, the wash-and-go hairstyle is a liberating choice if you’re the kind of person who has little time to style up your hair and at the same time wants to look chic when you step out. It may be on a pixie cut or a bob on any natural curly hair texture.

Wash and go short 4b hair
Wash and go by CutAfrik Afro
@Zziwa Hair Studio. This looks like an old wash-and-go on natural hair.

A wash-and-go tapered cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle for natural hair. It involves washing the hair, applying products to enhance the natural curl pattern, and allowing the hair to dry without excessive manipulation. The tapered cut or bob adds shape and style to the hair, making it an easy yet fashionable option for those embracing their natural texture.

Transitioning to natural hair with a tapered cut involves the process of growing out chemically treated or relaxed hair while gradually trimming it to match the new natural hair growth. The tapered cut, often shorter on the sides and back while leaving more length on top, can help manage the two different hair textures during the transition and create a stylish look. It’s a popular choice for those embracing their natural hair texture while maintaining a polished appearance.

Crochet tapered cut

@CutAfrikAfro with a crochet curly braid hair cut

The second on the list of trending hairstyles in Uganda is the short crochet-tapered cut hairstyle. A crochet tapered cut is a specific hairstyle that combines the technique of crochet braiding with a tapered or closely cropped haircut. This style offers several benefits and appealing features.

Install and curly tapered haircut tutorial
Credit: CutAfrik Afro
  1. Low Maintenance: Crochet hairstyles, in general, are known for being relatively low maintenance. The hair is typically pre-braided or pre-twisted before being crocheted into the natural hair, which can save time compared to traditional braiding methods.
  2. Blends with any occasion: The short-crochet tapered cut is versatile and easily blends with any occasion, whether you’re off to work in a professional setting or simply out for shopping or any other activity of your choice.
  3. Natural Look: When done skillfully, crochet tapered cuts can look very natural, blending seamlessly with your own hair. This can give the appearance of a short natural haircut with added volume and texture.
  4. Style Variability: While the overall shape and length of a tapered cut remain constant, you can experiment with different crochet patterns, textures, and colors to change your look and keep things fresh.
  5. Protective Style: Crochet braids, when done correctly, can be a protective hairstyle that helps shield your natural hair from external elements, manipulation, and excessive styling. This can promote hair growth and maintain the health of your natural hair.
  6. Hair Growth: The crochet braids don’t put as much tension on your natural hair as some other styles, potentially allowing your hair to grow and thrive while being protected.
  7. Temperature Regulation: Shorter hair can provide better temperature regulation, potentially making it more comfortable in hot weather.
  8. Ease of Removal: When you’re ready to change your style, removing crochet braids is generally easier and less time-consuming compared to other types of extensions or weaves.
  9. This trendy hairstyle balances convenience and fashion, making it a go-to option for most Ugandans seeking a short yet distinct look.
Crochet Tapered Hairstyles

It’s important to note that the success of a crochet tapered cut depends on proper installation and maintenance. Finding a skilled stylist who is experienced in both crochet techniques and tapered haircuts is essential to achieving the desired outcome and maintaining the health of your hair. Additionally, regular care and maintenance, such as moisturizing and protecting your natural hair, are key to enjoying the benefits of this style

Perm rod set short afro hair

The perm-rod set short hairstyle is a classic with a vintage origin but still trends in Uganda. This hairstyle psychologically adds a touch of volume to your hair, exuding elegance to onlookers.

The hairstyle enjoys a timeless appearance that combines defined curls with a soft, bouncy look, creating a texture that fits various occasions. 

Whether you’re someone looking for a polished look or another who prefers a glamorous feel on a night out, the short perm-rod set hairstyle has endless possibilities.

Perm rod hairstyle short afro hair
Hairstyle by CutAfrik Afro

While some people opt for perm rod sets for special occasions due to the elegant and defined curls they can achieve, many individuals also use perm rod sets as a regular styling option. Perm rod sets offer a versatile and low-maintenance way to enhance and manage natural curls or waves, making them suitable for everyday wear as well.

Sheebah Karungi with a trendy short perm rod hairstyle on her natural hair
@sheebahricherthisyear and hair by Zziwa Hair Studio. Seems to be perm rod set curls on her natural hair.

The decision to use perm rods for special occasions or on a regular basis often depends on personal preference, styling goals, and the level of maintenance one is comfortable with. Whether it’s for a special event or part of a regular hair care routine, perm rod sets can provide a polished and stylish look that complements different hair textures and types.

 Lady with perm rod set hairstyle on natural hair
@Zziwa Hair Studio – Lady with perm rod set hairstyle on natural hair

Short finger coils hairstyle

The fourth on the list of trendy short hairstyles in Uganda is Short finger coils. This striking and artistic hairstyle celebrates natural curls in its own unique way.

The clearly visible coils add definition and structure to your hair, which showcases your vibe with confidence.

Whether you’re seeking a bold look or something eye-catching and elegant, the short-finger coil hairstyle offers a range of styling possibilities.

Finger coils are perfect for casual outings, long day outs, and other informal settings, though many still feel comfortable with them at work and other formal occasions.

To create a short finger coils hairstyle, your stylist will begin by washing and conditioning your hair, then twisting small sections to create tight, spring-like coils.

The advantage of this hairstyle is it lasts longer than a usual wash and go. It may take you up to about a month.

The short straw-set hairstyle

A short straw set hairstyle is another one on the list of trending short hairstyles in Uganda that’s currently on the lips of most Ugandans who visit hairstylists for their next hairdo.

This unique style resembles tiny spiral straws, offering a strikingly voluminous hair look with a distinct texture. Whether your goal is to have a fun hair change or make a head-turning statement, the short straw set hairstyle offers a range of possibilities.

@gray_ceehairz Tapered Haircut and Curl

To achieve a short straw set hairstyle, your hairstylist will begin with preparing your hair by washing and conditioning it. The stylist will then ensure that your hair is thoroughly detangled and damp from washing or using a spray bottle.

Your hair is then wrapped tightly around drinking straws or small perm-rods while securing the ends of the straws to hold the hair in place. The hair is left to dry naturally or using a hair dryer to quicken the process.

Image source: How to straw set on short natural hair. Video below

After that, it unraveled from the straws, revealing beautiful coiled curls.

To maintain your hair curls, make sure you wear a silk or satin scarf or bonnet whenever you go to bed; it’s also advisable to refresh your hair regularly with any leave-in conditioner mixed in a spray bottle.

The short-tapered, curly hairstyle

The short-tapered curly hairstyle has its unshakable spot among trending short hairstyles in Uganda. What makes this hairstyle win the hearts of most Ugandan women is its ability to look new for a long time.

@CutAfrik Afro.

The short tapered curls combine volume, structure, and a little trimmings on the sides, enhancing your feminine look and features. No wonder this hairstyle is among those that show up when you’re looking for chic short hairstyles that are also durable.

Making a short-tapered curly hairstyle involves preparing your hair by washing and conditioning. Your stylist will trim the sides and back to create the tapered effect while leaving the hair on your crown.

The hairstylist might recommend suitable products and techniques for styling and maintaining your hair. Among these might be curl-defining creams or gels.

The short twist-out hairstyle

If you want a hairstyle that balances a casual lifestyle and your professional setting, the short twist-out hairstyle is the right option. No wonder most Ugandans in the professional field love this hairstyle.

Short twist-outs transform your curls into beautifully defined coils, adding depth and character to your look. And if you add a few gold highlights, especially around the crown, you enjoy a distinct texture variation that easily blends with almost any skin tone.

Creating a short twist-out involves twisting your hair, two sections with each other in a counter-clockwise motion until you reach the very end, twirling and unraveling them to reveal a textured, voluminous finish.

A quick preparation of your hair by cleaning, conditioning, and keeping it slightly damp when twisting brings out the best twist-out results. After that, leave your hair to dry and gently unravel your twists to reveal your twist-outs.

Image source: CutAfrik Afro. This is a twist out on dry natural hair using only Leave In, 4c hair

The short Bantu knot hairstyle

The Bantu knot hairstyle is a vibrant and creative choice rooted in cultural heritage while uniquely showcasing your natural curls. 

Undoubtedly, bantu knots are liked by many due to their captivating, chic look that enhances your entire feminine posture.

Creating bantu knots involves cleaning and conditioning your hair, making coiled knots all over your head, and securing them with bobby pins or hairpins. After that, you leave it to dry under a hooded dryer.

Most people prefer leaving the big knots for a few days, and after that, they can go back to their stylist to get them unraveled.

So, those are the most trending short hairstyles in Uganda currently. All of them are vibrant, naturally rich, and versatile in purpose and function. Are there other trending short hairstyles in Uganda that we might have missed? Feel free to let us know. You can add your comments within the comment section below.

@julianakanyomozi – Looks great with her Bantu knot-like hairstyle.

The minimal chop hairstyle

With the growing move from straight hair, many Ugandans prefer to cut off all of their hair to start afresh with natural hair. However, as their hair grows, a desire for something fancy that showcases their natural hair sets in, and that’s how the minimalist chop haircut comes in. 

Perfect for busy professionals and college-goers, this hairstyle is a bold and liberating choice that offers confidence and a fuss-free look.

With its modest look, this hairstyle crosses different functions and settings; be it outings, special events, or casual day outs, it would blend well with the occasion.

To achieve the minimalist chop haircut, you visit a professional hairstylist who will interpret your preference and trim your hair to your satisfaction.

Bettinah Tianah prefers her natural haircut with a line. her signature look.
@bettinahtianah – Her signature hair look.
Barbie kyagulanyi embraced and is still maintaining her natural short hair
@barbiekyagulanyi – prefers keeping her medium length hair natural.
Fille, a female musician in Uganda with a minimal chop hairstyle
Fille – Musician, with a minimal chop on her natural hair .

The big chop hairstyle

The big chop haircut is a transformative and embracing choice that signifies a fresh start for those who want to embrace something new. 

With multiple people embracing the natural hair from chemically treated or damaged hair, you won’t miss seeing a big chop haircut in the masses.

Whether you’re embarking on a journey to self-discovery or seeking a confident change, the big chop haircut offers a liberating and authentic option.

To achieve the big chop haircut, you might begin by making an honest self-assessment as to why you want to trim off all your hair. Is it damaged? Are you going natural? And many other reasons you might have.

After that, visit your hairstylist to trim your hair to your desired length.

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