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We have different hair types, textures, structures, porosity and that automatically means that not all natural hair products in the market are going to work for you. As for moisturizers, there are variety of options in formulas, ingredients, weights. So depending on your hair pattern (wavy, curly, coils, kinky), porosity (the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture and oils ), seasons, such situations affect the kind of product you will use. Lets focus on the hair types for this blog.


Thanks to the five-time Emmy Award winning hairstylist and Oprah Winfrey’s personal hairstylist Andre Walker (hair typing system in a book titled Andre Talks Hair!) who created the hair type system. It can to a certain extent help us choose the right products for each hair type.

1. TYPE 4: Coily/Kinky

4 type hair

4A type

4A type hair curl pattern is an S-shaped coil and retains moisture fairly well. Stylists recommend to wear it loose in wash-and-go styles.

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4B hair type

4B hair type has a Z-shaped pattern and a more fluffy cottony appearance. This hair is greatly prone to dryness and breakage because of its pattern. It shrinks up to 70% appearing shorter than it actually is.

4 C type of hair

This is the tightest (coils/kinky) with the most shrinkage up to about 70 percent and generally high porosity (This texture can absorb too much moisture and loses the moisture quickly). It doesn’t retain water or product easily therefore leaving hair so dry (matte). No wonder people view 4C hair as untamed, unpolished and therefore an acceptable when actually it’s the way our hair grows (our natural hair pattern). Using water and heavy weight products such as butters and creams work great for highly porous 4C hair. Among other benefits, It will help seal in the moisture.

How to moisturize and retain moisture on 4C hair. Use the LCO (Leave in, Cream, Oil) Method:

Three steps

  • Shampoo wash or dampen hair, depending on the need, and then follow by gently detangling using fingers or a wide tooth comb starting from the hair tips moving inside.
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  • To your water (Damp Hair) add butter conditioner products like Shea cream, mango, avocado or any other of your preference. They are rich in conditioning, nourishing natural ingredients that keep the hair’s moisture levels high and prevent further breakage. Gently massage this cream through the whole hair with your fingers.
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  • Then finish with sealant oil of your preference to nourish and especially to seal the moisture in and add shine. Immediately follow with a Denman brush to define/pop your curls or a twist out depending on the need. Learn more about 4C hair.
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2. TYPE 3: Curly hair


3A hair

Is made up of loose spiral curls. The curls can be enhanced or defined without much manipulation. When drying 3A hair scrunch it or use a diffuser to add volume.

3B type

The curls range from ringlets to corkscrews forming ample volume springing from the roots. Use gel or a curl styling creme to keep curls defined.

3C type

Is highly textured and the hair strands are closely packed making it more voluminous. Add a water based creme and follow with gel to 3C hair when its wet to define curls as the hair dries.

Picture Credit: NIKKI (3C) AND DEVRI (3C)

3. TYPE 2: Wavy hair

type 2 hair infographic
Credit: allthingshair

Your hair is fairly straight From the roots to around eye level, and then loose, undefined wave from eye level to the ends.

To enhance or define those waves, stylists recommend you use a light mousse or use a gel.

4. TYPE 1: Straight

Photo Credit: myrevair

Type 1 hair has no natural curl but simply straight with individual strands being fine or coarse, thick or thin, and because the strands are straight, it makes it easy for the natural oils from the head to reach the hair shaft.

Type 1 hair has a tendency to become oily, so much that some are tempted to apply powder to reduce the oil. No wonder stylists recommend dry shampoos, texture sprays and avoid greasy or heavy serums and butters.

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