Haircuts and Face Shapes – The Ultimate Guide to Flattering Haircuts for Every Face Shape!

A particular face shape can be enhanced or disguised by the right hairstyle; You may ask, “What hairstyle suits my face shape?” Unfortunately, Just because you fell for Rehana’s haircut doesn’t necessarily guarantee it will look great on you. The way a haircut looks depends on a few aspects: your hair texture, hair pattern of growth and, the shape of your face.

How to pick a suitable hairstyle for your face shape (CutAfrik Afro)
Determine your face shape and decide which hairstyle might suit you best.

The answer to a flattering hairstyle is getting one that creates the illusion that you have an oval face. Think of cuts that help make your round face appear longer, your long face appear wider, your large forehead and double chin disappear, your square jaw appear softer.

No matter your face shape, there will be haircuts that look best on you than others.  You simply have to find the right haircut that complements/balances your individual features.

There are three things to keep in mind when determining your face shape. Compare your hairline, width and length of your face, and jawline. Knowing your exact face shape can help you pick a flattering hairstyle and enhance your looks.

Hairstyles That Enhance Oval Face Shapes

Black people with oval face shape
The coolest haircuts for oval shaped faces include those that expose your facial features keeping your hair away from your face.
Photo credit: Cookiestudio/Shutterstock

An oval face shape has long been regarded as the ideal face shape because it is usually quite well-balanced and evenly proportioned so you can wear almost any haircut. This shape is considered to be most versatile for haircuts because you are not trying to enhance or minimize anything.

Great hairstyles for oval face shape
With an oval face shape, you can wear any hairstyle: Source
Great hairstyles for oval faces
With an oval face shape, you can wear any hairstyle

Since an oval face shape has no prominent points, it affords you to go extra shorter lengths, even super short. The coolest haircuts for oval shaped faces include those that expose your facial features keeping your hair away from your face

Image result for pixie cutscuts
With an oval face shape, you can wear any hairstyle

Hairstyles That Disguise Heart Face Shapes

a heart shaped face
Illustration of a heart shaped face.
photo credit:

A heart-shaped face is an inverted triangle meaning you have a significantly wide forehead and temples (cheeks) which gets thinner to a narrow small sharp (pointed) chin.

Suitable hairstyle for heart face shape
This is a suitable hairstyle for a heart face. Your focus here is adding height. Keep the sides flat and add fringes across your forehead or side-swept to soften the wider forehead. Image source: @missalexandrianicole
Suitable hairstyle for heart face shape
This is a suitable hairstyle for a heart face. Your focus here is adding height. Keep the sides flat and add fringes across your forehead or side-swept to soften the wider forehead.

A tapered hair cut that’s bulky at the front and swept over on your forehead would suit a heart-shaped face as it softens the forehead. Another trick is, shoulder length hair (bob) that will add volume around the bottom of your face, creating the illusion of a wider jawline. This will create a balance with your facial features.

Great hairstyles for heart face shape
Great Hairstyle for Heart Shaped Faces.
Photo Credit: DSoar Hair

Hairstyles That Disguise Round Face Shapes (Video)

Round-faced beauties have the measurements of their faces all pretty close together, fullness at and below their cheekbones and usually short neck. They need something to make their faces appear longer. Create volume and height at the crown by cutting your hair in multiple layers for a pixie cut or a long thin bob Just above the shoulders.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7d3ad093-c1f1-4589-9017-d39090b6e8b1.jpg
Image source: Wigs buy
Great Hairstyle for a round face

Hairstyles That Disguise Long Shaped Face Shapes

Kelly Roland is a great example of a long face shaped face
Kelly Roland is a great example of a long face shaped face

A long face is usually lean with defined jawline. The most flattering haircut on a long face shape is shoulder-length. Avoid styles that increase height at the crown of your head, and straight long hair past the shoulders as these may simply increase the length of your face. Keep everything between your chin and shoulders. Capitalize on styles that give body on the sides, so waves and curls are a great choice. Consider adding bangs if you feel your hairline is too high. This will help shorten your face and highlight your eyes. Any thing that widens your face, making it look shorter is great.

Cool hairstyle for long face shaped face
Getty images
The fringe and blunt bob helps to shorten her long face balancing her facial features.
Getty images
Middle part and more volume around the chin shortens face and minimizes the long chin respectively
Great pixie cut for long face shape
Kelly Roland with a perfect pixie cut for long faces. Just the right height. Avoid adding more height to your style as it may simply make your long face longer

Hairstyles That Disguise Square Face Shapes

The key to a square face shape? The jawline.
Credit: Getty Images

Note: Before I go further, take note that most white people have angular face shapes as opposed to colored or black people. So the examples that I have used under square face shapes are more on the whites.

A square face shape is more like a round face shape but the difference comes on the jawline. A square face shape has a more pronounced, wide jawline or, a strong, angular jawline. So we could simply say that in a square face shape, your forehead, cheekbones and jaw will be the same width, with your jaw having sharp angles to it, forming an imaginary square.

Great hairstyle for Square face shapes
The curly tapered cut adds height and softness to her box face. Source: @skyhigh_v

While rounder faces do well with blunt cuts, sharp fringes and all-one-length cuts, square faced shapes go for rounded layers, soft fringing and, ideally, lots of texture to soften that jaw line. Aim for long, soft, textured/layered bobs, high textured updos since your face is short and has minimal curves. Avoid blunt bobs that stop right at your chin because it will accentuate your jaw, creating a box. Go for shoulder-length bobs that elongate and flatter your cute face. Side swept bangs and longer, tousled pixies are great at balancing out a square face.

Great hairstyle for square face shape
Rehana is also a perfect example of square face shape. The textured curly short hairstyle heightens and softens her angular face
Great hairstyle for square face shape
Getty Images
Rosario’s long hair works on her face shape because the soft waves soften the harshness of her angular jawline.
Hairstyles for square face shapes
The long round tacked in bob is perfect for as it softens her box face. Source:
Great hairstyles for square face shapes
This round afro helps to soften her box face shape.
Great hairstyle for square face shapes
This round layering helps to soften her box face shape.

Hairstyles That Disguise Diamond Face shapes

Diamond face shape
Great example of diamond face shape: Jenifer Lopez

If you have a diamond face shape then your face is longer than it is wider. Your forehead and jawline are similar in width. Your chin is noticeably pointed, your cheeks are high and pointed, narrow forehead and wide face at your cheekbones. Hairstyles to disguise a diamond face shape need to balance the narrow chin, minimize wider cheek bones and shorten the overall length of the face.

Eiza Gonzalez has a diamond-shaped face, as seen by her pointed chin, wide-set cheekbones, and narrow hairline

Hairstyles with straight across bangs will work well to shorten long faces, as will side parts. Hairstyles that add width at the chin area such as chin length bob cuts are perfect.

Diamond face shape hairstyles
Wavy Chin Length Bob minimizes her pointed chin balancing her facial features
Diamond face shape hairstyles
Diamond face shape hairstyles
Diamond face shape hairstyles

Soft face-framing layers as won by Halley Berry may also help balance out your look.

Diamond face shape hairstyles
Jenifer Lopez with her tousled curls and waves are great because they help widen her face.

However try to avoid height created on top middle of your face as this will only emphasizes a diamond shape.

Hairstyles That Disguise Rectangle Face Shapes

Rectangular face shapes and hairstyles
Rectangle face shapes

A rectangle face shape is similar to square face shapes, that is, a wider forehead and strong angular jawline, but is slightly longer and narrower vertically. So if you have a rectangular face shape you want to soften the appearance of the sharp jaw and forehead without further elongating your face.

Soft fringes (bangs), that is to say rounded fringes and curtain bangs full to your eyebrows would be perfect since this helps shorten your face shape while minimizing the angles. Avoid blunt cut bangs as these may make you look masculine, Unless you are going for that look.

Layers, waves or curls are your friends because they help soften the strong angular jawline.

Rectangle face shape hairstyle
She look great! Her curls and rounded haircut helps soften her face shape.
If you choose to wear long hair, add a little horizontal volume like this image so that your rectangular face shape does not look longer.

A-line cut: Just like with a square jaw, the corners of the jawline can be diffused by an a-line haircut. The longer length in front will weigh the hair down and lay closer to your cheeks, minimizing squareness. Then pair it with a long side bang to break up the usual “elongating lines” of a long bob. Try it with a little bend on the ends, too!

Am sure by now you understand what your face shape is and you can comfortably pick a suitable hairstyle that can balance your facial features perfectly. A simple request … lets try as a team to describe fine hairstyles to suit a pear face shape. Am sure this will be helpful for our friends with pear face shape. It does not matter whether white or black. Your comments, descriptions critics right below here

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