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You want a tapered cut, a big chop or simply a natural short hairstyle and are probably afraid of your appearance thereafter. Don’t worry. This is the right place. With our guide, you are about to watch or read and feel some appealing haircuts from top unisex salons in Kampala Uganda. Let’s scan through and see what they have for us.

Zziwa Hair Studio

Zziwa Hair Studio
Zziwa Hair Studio

This is a professional Unisex Award Winning Salon and do haircuts on both women and men, hair coloring, natural hairstyles, bridal hairstyles, make up, nails and, a hair academy. The salon is so versatile that you may wonder what they do best. They have over 38.8k followers on Instagram and an organized website. Celebrities, Influencers are quite common clients and almost every client seems to appreciate what they get from this salon. Below are 3 photos of their haircut and style section.

Trendy short hairstyles in Uganda
Sheeba Kalungi
Unisex haircut salons in Uganda
Hair & make up by zziwa studio
Unisex haircut salons in Uganda
Hair & make up by zziwa studio

Booking 0200923956


Mart Barber Uganda

Mart Barber Uganda

Mart Barber Uganda is a professional Unisex Salon found at Kisemeneti Krshmart doing more of cutting than anything else. Dreadlocks, nails, women’s natural hairstyles, men’s braids are other services which they do well too. This salon has over 32k followers on Instagram and are also known for styling a list of celebrities. View these photos below of their artwork.

Haircut salons for women in Uganda
Mart Barber Uganda
Haircut salons for children in Uganda
Mart Barber Uganda
Hair barber salons in Uganda. Mart barbers
Mart Barber Uganda

Bookings Call Us On +256701817503


Look G Salon

Look G salon is an award winning salon that does haircuts, make-up, bridal and an academy. Though from my research it seems to be more of a women salon than men. The salon has over 30.7k followers on Instagram. Below is some of their art work.

Trim, color and curl on natural short hair
@gray_ceehairz Trim, color and curl on natural short hair
Pixie cut
@gray_ceehairz Pixie cut


Sparkles salon Uganda

Established in 2003, Sparkles salon has grown to tremendous strength and size. Sparkles Salon is a unisex establishment with exceptional services across its sites and locations. This salon seems to be adequately equipped with industry best technology to cater for the beauty and exquisite image of their clientele. The salon also has and app. It seems to attract more of the elite (very rich) and conservative people. That’s just my opinion. But it’s also a place for some celebrities.

Betinah at sparkles salon
Sparkles Salon in Uganda
@sparkles salon

CutAfrik Afro

CutAfrik Afro is not a professional haircutting salon but rather interested in sharing with you all her short hair ideas so that you can learn and have fun dressing your hair yourself. Find out more about her art work in blogs, videos and photos.

Hey this is not all. Just keep checking. I will be updating you on the latest excellent haircut salons and specialist barbers soon. I just want to make sure that they are good enough.

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