The power of LIPSTICK! How It Could Affect Your Life Now

The power of LIPSTICK! How It Could Affect Your Life Now

The best part of wearing lipstick is how you feel when wearing it. Stepping out in a vibrant shade of red or pink lipstick can be one of the greatest moments for a woman, feeling attractive, confident and unique in the most powerful way, even in awkward moments.

How to Make Any Lipstick Matte

In this article, you will be able to know 3 important things about lipstick; i.e. it’s power, it’s composition and the different kinds. These will enable you enjoy the most out of your lipstick.

The Power of Lipstick.

Apart from enhancing your appearance, what I love most about lipstick is it’s psychological benefits. Research shows that most people who wear lipstick, feel more confident, much fresher ready to face the day.

Research shows that “Lipstick helps restore a normal sense of self,” says Bobbie Rimel, MD, in reference to patients at Cedars-SInai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Yes apart from femininity, it evokes power lifting one’s spirits even in difficult times. No matter how challenging the situation may be, lipstick empowers you, giving you that positive vibe to face what is ahead of you. Lipstick can lift you up during an economic hardship, yes even when money is scarce.

Many have been subjected to impulse buying of lipstick when money was tight. Does this relate to you? Please comment below to give us your feed back.

What Is in Your Lipstick?

That beautiful image that smiled back at you in the mirror was probably a creation of beeswax, castor oil, and the corpses of female bugs!
Most lipsticks come from three main ingredients. Waxes; to provide shape and a spreadable texture, oils; to add moisture and; pigment is the color.

Ever wondered about the source of the bright red, pink, purple pigment in your lipstick or blush?

She’s a bug and spends her happy life feasting on various cacti. The Cochineal bug (Dactylopius confuses), native to Mexico and Central America is the source of the red dye called carmine. Yes, you read that right. You could be painting yourself with the guts of thousands of bugs onto your lips and cheeks.

The colorfast pigment is got by harvesting and grinding the dried carcasses of the female bugs into a fine powder. It takes nearly 70,000 insects to make a single pound of pigment.

Due to the high demand for natural products, along with minerals, today, many natural beauty brands incorporate Carmine to achieve vibrant pinks, reds, and matte nudes.

Now you don’t have to throw your lipstick. It’s not limited to lipstick only; rather it’s also used to give strawberry yogurt, colored drinks to perfume and vitamins, alcoholic beverages, candies, lollipops, shampoo, pharmaceuticals, and other cosmetics, a bright red color.

To make this more appealing to consumers it’s often listed by other labels. So If you are cruelty-free conscious or are vegan, hate the idea of eating bugs, watch out for these ingredients;
CI 75470, E120, carminic acid, crimson lake, or natural red 4.

Glossy, Matte Or Velvet? The Difference

While all lipstick color is great, matte lipstick seems to take the show. It is an excellent choice for every make up wearer because of it’s unique benefits. Velvet Lipstick could be its twin but not identical. Much as it is not shimmery, frosty, or super glossy, it has all the hydrating oils, a moisturizing creamy finish so we would classify it as semi – matte.

From creating classy, bold look, matte lipsticks stay in place all day while glossies require constant application. When it comes to bleeding, a matte lipstick is disciplined leaving no marks on any thing, nor will you need to apply other layers throughout the day to maintain your lip color. As though that is not enough, matte lipstick offers a trendy, natural look. No one has ever had shimmery lips so every one will notice when you wear glossies. The dry appearance of matte lipstick gives you a natural finish whatever color it may take.

However, you don’t have to throw away your glossy lipsticks. They are great for dry lips serving as conditioners while adding color and shimmer to your lips. Some people love glossies especially during the humid whether conditions. Below is a video on how you can change any lipstick to matte in case you happen to want to start small or just wished all your lipsticks you have were matte.

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