Three Easy Methods To Make Your Twist Out Last Longer

How To Preserve A Twist Out To Last a Week

Hi there, I’m going to show you three simple methods to make your twist-out last a week or longer. That is moisture and the curls. Assuming you have day one twist-out and wondering how to preserve those beautiful curls for at least a week. With what you are about to read, I’m going to make it simple for you, including illustrations and video.

Use the pineapple method Just Before Bed

Scrunches to keep your stretched
Credit: CutAfrik Afro

If you have medium (awkward length) to long hair, use the pineapple method, where you place your hair in a scrunches. For shorter hair, they will be mini pineapples or ponytails so will need more scrunches. If you don’t love the pineapple method, you could go into the routine of re-twisting your hair but in bigger twists to maintain your curls. However, it can be hectic over manipulating hair by re-twisting it every night to keep them fresh the following day. Otherwise, it’s another option just in case the pineapple method fails. The good thing is both methods keep hair stretched and that is key for me.

Protect Your Hair With a Silk or Satin Material While You Sleep

Satin bonnet to protect your twist out
Crdeit: CutAfrik Afro

Protect your hair with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf while asleep to avoid frizz and retain moisture. If you are uncomfortable wearing these, you could get yourself a pillow case with such material.

How to Preserve Your Twist Out
Credit: CutAfrik Afro
How to Preserve Your Twist Out
Credit: CutAfrik Afro

The video below demonstrates how I preserve moisture and curls in my twist out overnight. I hope it makes it even easier for you!

Re-Moisturize Your Twist Out

I will be continuing from here soon

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