How To Part Hair For Box Braids – Simple Steps To Master

How to part hair for braids

Do you have difficulty parting your own hair for braids, especially big ones? Keep reading and watching. We are going to look at simple basic principles to master when parting own hair for big or jumbo box braids. The same principles may apply for any other size.


Make sure you have the right tools to use in the process. Lifter to detangle hair, scissors, rat tail comb for parting, wax to help hair sleep so we can part it clean, hair ties to secure and keep hair out of the way, two mirrors one behind and the other in front, braiding hair, mouse to smoothen and secure the braids in place. If I have missed any, then let us know in the comments section.


Combing to remove any serious tangles. Make certain that hair is washed conditioned and if possible, blown out. It’s easier to part on blown out hair, so if you can, make sure you blow out your hair.

Make Rough Sections

Using your fingers, make rough sections so we have more workable sections. for example, use the arch of your eye brows to guide you on a U shape round your head as your first section. You might have 4 to five workable sections

Make Your Sections Clean and Neat

Using wax and your rat tail comb make your parts straight, crisp and defined or close to that. Clean up by applying wax, and then go through or over it with the end of your comb for a neat straight line. The barbeque stick makes the line even much cleaner but its optional.  This may not be easy in the beginning but with patience and practice, you will see yourself there. Once you are confident with the section you have done, secure the other section.

Break Down to Smaller Sections

We can now break them down to smaller sections. The size will depend on individual preferences. If you are going for jumbo (bigger) braids then make your sections bigger.

So you simply follow the same principles to the rest of the sections. Remember your nose is the best land mark for your middle part and the nip of your neck is your guide for your back. Learning to part your hair like this will enable you have clean neat hairstyle and gives you more professional look.

Video Part 2

Video part 1

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